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The Michigan DNR states that the mute swan issue is a state issue. To receive this kill count, I requested this Freedom of Information Act from both the DNR and the USDA. The DNR DENIED my request, but the USDA sent me part of the information. I also requested upcoming kills. USDA stated that the DNR has that information, but the DNR refused to provide it to me.

The DNR claims that the mute swans are invasive to the common loon, but their own web site states that the demise of the loon is caused by humans and other factors. No mention of the mute swan.

In February, 2011, The DNR and Natural Resource Commission voted to not allow rehabilitators to help injured or sick swans even though most injuries are cause by human error. This Government agency demands that rehabbers, who take in an injured swan, euthanize the swan, even if the injury is not life threatening. The DNR does not want injured swans to be cared for. They want you to leave them alone and let them die. Why is the Government permitted to treat animals badly? The DNR is no better than any other nasty human being charged with animal cruelty. The only difference is that they are getting away with it because they are the government. Read the article here.


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Joe Johnson receives the DNR conservation award. Johnson is responsible for bringing the resident Canada goose to Michigan.

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