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Urgent Help Needed
on Behalf of Mute Swans

Dear advocates of swans...
For those of you who are not yet aware, one hundred forty two (142) Mute Swans were slaughtered on October 19th on White Lake in Muskegon, Michigan.

The officials claim there are 1200 swans on this lake and that those killed were all adults. We went to White Lake on Sunday, 11/11/12, where we counted 27 on the entire 2,571 acre lake.

These lies have got to stop. THIS OUR TIME TO SPEAK UP FOR THE SWANS.

Please write a letter to the Governor letting him know how disappointed you are in him for allowing these killings to happen without sound science to back them up. HE APPOINTS THE DNR OFFICIALS.
Ask for a moratorium.
Write whatever is on your mind and/or in your heart.
Does Pure Michigan mean no wildlife...?
If you wrote a letter before to your state reps and senators, thank you!

Our fight is not over!
Now I ask that you please open this letter, sign at the bottom, and send it back to me so that I may forward a group of them to our Governor and to national media outlets (you can either print it, sign, then scan and email back or type your info in, resace and email back to me).

Please see see below for more information on the wolf and the bear bills and how you can help with them, too. If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail.
Our DNR is awful and we need to start voicing our concerns that we do not approve of their management plans and their type of conservation, (change habitats to entice wildlife, so they can kill it). Please speak up!

Thanks To Everyone!!!
Karen Stamper

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- to encourage the public to question the government agencies that we entrust with our wildlife, such as the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the USDA, especially when their "science" is questionable

Our immediate focus is to raise awareness about the DNR slaughtering thousands of mute swans in Michigan, and try to stop it. We urge the DNR to place a moratorium on all killings and put a humane management plan into effect.

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